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  • Some Amazing Benefits Of Using Bluetooth With Walkie Talkie |
    • November 23,2020.

    YANTON T-380 a new creatively generation commercial vhf uhf  two way radio, With blue tooth 5.0 version, LED display, has integrated all cutting-edge analog technologies, and is capable of fulfil...

  • Benefits of Man Down | YANTON DM-760/DM-860 DMR Series
    • November 15,2020.

    YANTON DM-760/DM-860 DMR series are designed with the user’s safety in mind. Integrated with Mandown, Emergency Alert, GPS, these handheld radios are able to help you keep your workers both connected ...

  • How to Clear &Disinfect Your Two-way Radios?
    • October 23,2020.

    General Cleaning of your radio *Removing heavy dust, soil, mud, grime, stains, etc. *Prepare a solution of a non-abrasive dish detergent and water, with no more than 0.5% detergent in the solution. So...

  • T-X3 Android POC radio |
    • September 17,2020.

    we are pleased to announce this innovative new addition to our PoC Radio T-X3. A rugged Android PoC radio combined with PTT features: The high-quality device combines the advantages and comfortable ha...

  • YANTON TM-7700 4G LTE POC mobile radio
    • June 8,2020.

    YANTON TM-7700 new generation of LTE/4G POC mobile radio that enable the usage of PTT over  networks,  excellent data transmission rates and the  speech quality 4KB and 8KB slectio...

  • Bluetooth Radio T-380
    • May 24,2020.

    YANTON T-380 bluetooth two way radio a new creatively generation cb radio, With bluetooh 4.2V version, HD OLED display, provides a convenient and flexible using experience. stable output power and cle...

  • YANTON TM-7700D POC+UV analog dual mode
    • April 28,2020.

    TM-7700D IP mobile radio is unique for POC +UV analog dual mode,  Operate function by front panel of radio or multi-function Microphone, Repeater/Phone function,  facilitate fast implementat...

  • YANTON W1 belt clip radio
    • April 17,2020.

    YANTON W1 innovation mini portable radio, creative antenna design, this radio also show up very small in size and clutter, belt front of chest; Output power 1W, 20 channels,  Is an edge to your p...

  • YANTON MINI vibration radio
    • December 9,2019.

    Yanton: T-S1 I notice that the Chinese are addressing themselves almost everyone on this guy of walkie-talkies for free use. This radio also shows up very small in size and clutter, and fits comfortab...

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