YANTON TM-7700 4G LTE POC mobile radio

YANTON TM-7700 4G LTE POC mobile radio

  • June 8,2020.

YANTON TM-7700 new generation of LTE/4G POC mobile radio that enable the usage of PTT over  networks,  excellent data transmission rates and the  speech quality 4KB and 8KB slection,  delivering wide coverage expansive coverage in every area and situation.

Push To Talk Over Cellular 4G Car Radios

4G POC TM-7700 LTE Radios Work on Cellular Networks nationals. Combined with the simplicity of traditional use of microphone PTT , it represents a significant advance in terms of capabilities and benefits for the user . An application for Smartphone, PC Dispatcher offer even more flexibility.

Virtually unlimited range

The TM-7700 radios deliver Instant PTT calls on networks cellular . Simulation nondirected  multi-network roaming offers the best access and better  network coverage.

No license ,No interference!

It is not necessary to have a radio license and most importantly, you will not suffer no interference from others radio users.

Basic configuration to advanced

TM-7700 radios can be configured for operation in simple conversational mode or for more sophisticated functions than we can expect from a radio system bidirectional high-end.

No limitation

The TM-7700 Radio allows your staff to do a number Practically unlimited simultaneous calls.

4G POC TM-7700 LTE Radios

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